Yoga Therapy Workshops

Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the philosophy and practice of Yoga. By giving the student the tools and knowledge to begin to strengthen and help themselves, Yoga therapy empowers people to take control of their own healing.

Yoga therapy is based on a traditional form of Yoga and is completely tailor made for the individual. It has a tangible, powerful effect on illness, disease and injury. Yoga therapy is for any person who is dis-eased or in pain and is looking for an alternative therapy, and more permanent solution to complement their current medical treatment.

The following Yoga Therapy workshops will be taking place on
Saturdays at Yoga Zone from 1pm – 3pm; each workshops costs R250.00.

  • 13 February 2016: Yoga Therapy for Back Pain [Book]
  • 27 February 2016: Yoga Therapy for Runners and Cyclists [Book]
  • 2 April 2016: Yoga Therapy for Stress [Book]
  • 16 April 2016: Yoga Therapy for Digestive Orders [Book]
Yoga Therapy for BACK PAIN
– 13 February 2016 –

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With back pain affecting 80% of the population, we’ve all experienced the frustrating and debilitating process of dealing with back pain and the struggle of returning to a healthy, pain-free body. Many people spend their whole lives in pain…this is not necessary! We spend so much time sitting at computers with poor posture, letting inactivity, inflexibility and stress cause havoc with our backs.

Yoga Therapy for Back Pain focuses on strengthening your core muscles, introducing flexibility and freedom to your hips, back and neck and giving you the tools and knowledge to maintain a happy, healthy spine.

In this 2 hour workshop we will have a look at:

  • What causes back pain and how to take easy steps to avoid it.
  • We will work on stabilising and strengthening core muscles along with developing flexibility in the hips and spine.
  • We will also spend time in Yoga Nidra to facilitate deep relaxation and release of tension, a huge contributor to back pain.

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Yoga Therapy for Runners and Cyclists
– 27 February 2016 –
Dom Walker Yoga Therapy YogaZone Workshops

We live in a beautiful city with great opportunity for exercising outdoors, including running and cycling. But with these activities, injuries often occur.

This Yoga Therapy Workshop for Runners and Cyclists aims to:

  • Help and teach athletes how to correctly lengthen, stretch and open into their tight problem areas like legs and hips increasing flexibility and decreasing risk of injury.
  • It is also a great workshop for athletes to learn how to work with and care for current or persistent injuries. As much as we need to strengthen our bodies to achieve, we also need to encourage flexibility to move more freely and avoid injury.

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Yoga Therapy for Stress
-2 APRIL 2016 –

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Stress affects each and every one of usin numerous and different ways. Be it a hectic working environment, family pressures or financial worries, we all suffer from stress in our day to day lives. These pressure cause physical and physiological responses in our bodies-which manifest in many different ways. Stress literally makes us sick. Lifestyle diseases are the leading cause of suffering today.

When we are constantly under stress our Fight / Flight response works on over drive – so this Yoga Therapy for Stress workshop will include:

  • Specific breathing techniques for calming oneself in a stressful situation as well as techniques to practice on a daily basis.
  • We will focus on working with and releasing the psoas muscle, which is known as the stress muscle.
  • We will practice a calming Yoga Nidra that speaks to your subconscious to eliminate stressful thinking.

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Yoga Therapy for Digestive Disorders
– 16 April 2016 –

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Having a healthy digestive system contributes immensely and undoubtedly to all round general health. So much of where we get our energy, many of our hormones and our internal health comes from what’s going on in our stomachs. Our stomachs are known as our second brains. Our relationship with food also plays a huge role in our health.

Yoga therapy for Digestive Disorders will focus on a few common ailments of the digestive system and how to heal them using Yoga asana, Kriya Yoga (cleansing techniques) and healthy eating.

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For further information, please contact Dom:
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To book your spot at a workshop, please contact YogaZone:
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