Yoga = Happiness

It’s quite funny when you find something you really love and are immensely passionate about, all the clichés start to make sense to you. Like when you’re in love and it feels like every love song was written specifically for you. This is how I feel about Yoga.

Dom Walker Yoga = Happiness Blog Post For me, Yoga is not something you do or go to, Yoga is an all day, every moment, every thought practice. It is a way to consciously live life. So that no matter what is happening around you, Yoga teaches you to choose your thoughts, words and actions, it teaches you to be in control of your world.

I love the physical practice, the breathing techniques, the meditation and the chanting. These aspects of the practice help to keep me conscious and engaged in the present moment but what I love most about Yoga is the teachings of peace, kindness, acceptance and understanding. We’re all in this together and we’re all doing the best we can.

Yoga also teaches you to find the lesson in every situation. So, instead of being a victim in your life, Yoga gives you to ability to shift your perception and see things in a different way. It teaches you to learn continuously and to allow change to happen.

Yoga is where my happiness comes from. It gives me the clarity, wisdom and strength I need to navigate this life.

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