Support in Practice

Sometimes life takes over from your plans and you don’t make it to the mat as often as you would like. Recently, I had a 10 day break from my asana practice as I was travelling. The first opportunity I had to get back on my mat I jumped on totally enthused, but a little voice in the back of my mind told me to grab 2 blocks for the practice.

Dom Walker Yoga Support Blog Post

Props are a brilliant way for all Yoga students, beginner or experienced, to enhance and support their practice. I knew that because I had been off my mat for so long, I might need a little help. Using props is also a great way to experiment with your body and practice.

So, I used the blocks under my hands and felt light and free. I know if I had not used the support, I would have felt heavy and very stiff and sore the next day. Yes, even though I’ve been practicing for years, I still get stiff and sore!

I’m the kind of person who can only give 100% of myself, in life and on my mat, so in using the blocks I gave my body a chance to get back into the practice without pushing myself too hard.

The next day I was back on my mat this time with no blocks. It’s important not to take yourself or your practice too seriously… so experiment and have some fun.