Practice Every Damn Day

Dom Walker Yoga HeadstandSome days it’s really hard to get up and get on your mat. Some days your practice is heavy and weighted and unpleasant. Some days you wish that your teacher would stop talking and leave you alone. It’s on these days that you should practice and push through and face those hard lessons.

On other days your practice is light and easy. It feels like you’re floating, like you’re flying. On these days you feel like you can go on for hours, like you never want your practice to end. On these days you should practice and push yourself and your body beyond the boundaries you’ve set yourself.

Your asana practice tells you stories and secrets about what’s going on off the mat in your life. The tough battles you fight with yourself on the mat are the same as the ones you’re fighting out there. The beautiful victories you have in your day are reflected in your body.

The whole point of your asana practice is to teach you to pay attention to the lessons and to yourself. To pay attention to the subtleties in your mind and in your breath. To be present so you can learn the lessons put in front of you.

So get up and get on your mat, practice every damn day. Learn, grow and shift. Be open to the lessons, the beauty and the struggles.