Yoga Therapy

From a very young age, I always knew that I was here to help people. I have always had my hands on family members, rubbing them and trying to figure out what was wrong, and what I could do to fix it. Later on, my path lead me to Yoga and my role in life became very clear. Help people help themselves. As much as I would love to fix everyone, I cannot help anyone who will not do it for themselves. And so, I dedicated my life to learning all the tools relating to Yoga and massage to help others.

For a few months in Johannesburg, I had a private student who was so strong and flexible but she had terrible back pain and couldn’t attend regular classes. I combined my massage training with my Yoga training to try and help her. We worked hard, twice a week for 4 months and at the start of each class, my student would tell me how much easier she was feeling and how the pain was subsiding. This was the push I needed to find and study Yoga therapy.

Yoga therapy is based on a traditional form of Yoga and is completely tailor made for the individual. It has a powerful effect on illness, disease and injury. Yoga therapy is for the person who is dis-eased or in pain and is looking for an alternative therapy to compliment their current medical treatment.

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