My Ashram Experience

In October 2014 I spent a month in an Ashram in India studying Yoga Therapy.

Dom Walker Yoga Ashram

My most favourite part of the day at the Ashram was chanting at sunrise. I am definitely not a morning person. If I could sleep until 10am every day, I would. But there was such a tangible beauty about waking up before it rose and chanting the sun up every day.

There were 20 or so students studying yoga therapy at the time and we started out chanting Om for 15/20 minutes. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced.

Do you know the scene in City of Angels when all the angels stand on the beach and watch as the sun comes up listening to the most incredible sound…?

That’s how my mornings City of Angels Scenestarted.20 voices chanting Om together, over and over again. After a few moments there is no thought, there is nothing but the sound of angels, vibrating through your body…