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Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the philosophy and practice of Yoga.

“The current lifestyle of human beings has demonstrated an increasing trend of a wide variety of both physical and mental illness. Evidently individuals who are suffering with these illnesses have become accustomed to obtaining treatment for them without considering the potential risks as well as where the illness might be originating from. In addition to the curative qualities of these measures, there are many potential ill effects that could result. Some of these conventional measures and treatments are short term and do not get to the root of the disease in the body or mind. In fact, some do not give any results at all. Thus it is clear that the prevalent remedial measure are deficient in their ability to relieve the individual from their illness. At this time, the suffering individual would be open minded to learn about the therapeutic value of Yoga and its healing potential.

Learning that Yoga and yogic practices can potentially give results that are long lasting and without any negative side effects he/she may turn towards it. With cases in which there are no remedial measures as such and where Yoga can prove to be the only measure to cure, it is imperative that the patient incorporate Yoga as his/her lifestyle. The extent of psycho-somatic illnesses is increasing day by day and Yoga is the only means for their cure.

The therapeutic employment of Yoga entails the application of Yogic practices, but for a different purpose – the purpose of curing illnesses. When disorder arises in a system of the body, it should undergo treatment. Specific Yogic practices can be instrumental in treating such inefficiencies in the functioning body and overcoming illness caused by them.”
– Dr Vishwas Mandlik (Yoga therapist and teacher at Yoga Vidya Gurukul Ashram)

Prices: Please note these prices are for private classes.

  • R450 per hour
  • R400 if you book 4
  • R350 if you book 6


  • Private

What People Are Saying: 

“Since breaking my back 9 years ago I have suffered with back pain. Dom is the first healer that has made me feel like I can find relief. This comes as a result of her individually-tailored approach to strengthen and care for my body. Her knowledge of yoga and massage are immense, and it’s a plus that she has a great personality too!” – Matt Aberdien

“Dom’s unique combination of massage skills, combined with her loving concern for the human body, simply dissolves stress and tension. Her massages are amazing. Your body will thank you.”
– Lisma Gelderblom

“I have been attending Dom’s yoga classes for over a year now and have had the pleasure of experiencing a number of her massages. Dom’s knowledge, upbeat personality, experience and professionalism shines through in all that she does. Her intuitive mind, healing hands and passion for what she does combine in such a way that she can relieve any ache, lessen any pain and alleviate any stress. Thanks Dom, I am so grateful to be able to call you my friend, teacher and healer.” – Lucy Marston

“In an era when there is so much need for grounding in our bodies, minds, emotions, and spirit, we are blessed to have teachers such as Dominique among us. Besides sharing the wisdom of the Jivamukti yoga practice she is phenomenally gifted in yoga therapy massage. You should try her restorative class in combination with a weekly massage!” – Irène des Pays-Bas

“My massage with Dom Walker has been one of the best massages I have had for a long time.

We met during our Yoga Therapy Course in the Ashram in India. I had a severe back injury and wasn’t sure if I could take the training. I was in need of deep healing, physical, mental and emotionally. Dominique was able to provide and facilitate it all. She held space, touched the right places ( physically and emotionally) opened her heart to me, so I could open mine. Through her presence I was able to feel safe and venerable to dive deep into the healing. She gave me multiple massages and I they have benefited me immensely. It was so nice to have her by my side and help me heal my injury.

I still think back at this time and my injury and feel great gratitude for her help, along side with the ashram and everybody present this was the perfect combination to heal. Without her great massages, my recovery would have taken a lot longer. I can definitely recommend her as a massage therapist and even more important as a great person!”- Jennifer Ann Fritts

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